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JIB Structures Fabricates Client Projects in Crook, Durham. An experienced, expert team of steel structure fabricators produce steel frames and projects from start-to-finish…

Steel Structures Projects Fabricated in Durham

We work closely with clients to complete projects to the highest standards. Projects displayed here give insights into some recent fabrication including cutting and grinding, welding and profiling. Finished projects are painted and loaded ready for delivery to site…

Steel Structures Projects 1

Beam Structure Under Early Construction

Steel Structures Projects 7

Mig Welded Secondary Steel Fabrication

Capacity For Large Scale Fabrication




Mig Welding


Fabrication of Steel Structures includes Metal Prep…

JIB Structures are vastly experienced in all elements of steel preparation thanks to our team of expert fabricators.


Fabrication of Steel Structures includes Mig Welding…

JIB Structures are hugely experienced in Mig Welding secondary steel thanks to our team of expert fabricators.

Steel Structures FAQs

Yes, we hold BS EN 1090-3:2019 Execution of Steel Structures and Aluminium Structures – this covers Structural Steel CE Marking.

We are going through the process and expect certification to be appointed August 2023.

JIB Structures supply almost all UK industry sectors. These include energy, petrochemical and construction among most all and any others.

Yes, we do. JIB can supply both private and public customers with a range of appropriate products and services. Just contact our helpful team and they will assist an enquiry Ask a Question

Absolutely, we do. We can take care of every stage from design to fabrication, delivery to erection. Clients have differing requirements so we remain flexible to fulfil whatever is needed.

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